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CHRISTUS Health (Web Based Training Client)

Mr. Gross has a complete grasp of what Monarch can do. He took “off the wall” questions very well and without previous knowledge of some of our data analysis requirements was able to take that material and answer our questions completely. Several participants saw an immediate need for Monarch and how it will save us a great deal of time and contribute towards our revenue stream.

Julie L. Holly, CPA
System Director Reimbursement

For the full text of this letter please download: CHRISTUS Letter (pdf)

Large Mutual Fund Manager (Monarch Self-Paced Course)

I created a model which has already paid for your training class in less than 3 weeks! That is unbelievable. I was hesitant to take your class even after looking at the syllabus thinking that I knew 75% of what Monarch offered. The reality is I knew I solid 15%, and that 10% of that was from watching your "free," data extraction video on YouTube.

I think people watch your YouTube video, and walk away thinking that you gave away the farm. You know you didn’t give away the farm, which is why you offer a self-paced class…I only wish they took the same leap I did…if they only knew what they were missing.

Ryan Reh
Retirement Plan Services
Large Mutual Fund Managers

For the full text of this letter please download: Ryan Reh Letter

Howard University Hospital

Mr. Gross clearly has a mastery of Monarch and just what it can do. He took many “What if” questions poised by our staff and answered them completely and clearly and provided examples where necessary. Also as part of the class Mr. Gross took one of our larger reports and integrated it into a lesson with a completed project as the result. This project has so far saved us more than $22,500.00 as we are now able to format our files using Monarch rather than paying a third party to do so. It will continue to provide Howard University Hospital a very positive ROI for our training investment.

I strongly recommend Mr. Gross for any of your Monarch training or consulting requirements. …He was a pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate to bring him back should the need arise.

Claudius Gamal Moore
Systems Manager Patient Accounts
Howard University Hospital

For the full text of this letter please open: Howard Letter (pdf)

GE Commercial Finance

…Mr. Gross worked extensively with a senior staff member to build a fully customized Monarch course from scratch that specifically targeted our needs. The course employs our data and specific data extraction and reporting requirements. He also provided a fully customized class manual for our particular applications.

The class consisted of commercial finance auditors, staff who will be using Monarch out in the field for our Commercial Finance Division. It was imperative that upon completion of the class all participants had a clear grasp of the material. Mr. Gross was more than successful in meeting that goal.

…I am very pleased with our investment in Mr. Gross’ Monarch training services…I strongly recommend Mr. Gross for your Monarch training and consulting needs and would not hesistate to bring him back to our company for additional training services.

Greg Isenberg
Vice President, Investment Analysts Group
GE Corporate Financial Services

For the full text of this letter please download: GE Letter (pdf)

Redstone Federal Credit Union

…Mr. Gross presented the material clearly and completely while keeping the pace lively and the participants engaged. He answered all questions thoroughly and gave additional examples of the application when necessary. Mr. Gross kept all the participants on their toes and challenged them throughout the training session.

Several participants had specific questions pertaining to their applications that Mr. Gross was able to address and solve during our session. This was not the first time Mr. Gross has taught at our company so he was familiar with some of our issues. We will be using Monarch for its reporting capabilities as well as data extraction and Mr. Gross made certain to present the techniques we will be utilizing in the near future.

Shanna Arnold
AVP / Assistant Controller
For the full text of this letter please download: Redstone Letter (pdf)

Scott & Stringfellow Inc. a BB&T Corporation Affiliate

Mr. David M. Gross recently came to our facility to present a comprehensive two-day course on Monarch and how it applies to extracting financial data from different types of reports…He took “off the wall” questions very well and without previous knowledge of some of our reports was able to take that material and turn it into a classroom lesson, thereby completing for us a project that we were immediately able to take back to our desk and use. Where folks were working with massive amounts of data the process cleared out unnecessary items and left them with small, managable and very useful reports. On a combined scale this has and will save many hours of daily work.

Mr. Gross is very professional and personable. He is very enthusiastic and maintains a lively atmosphere that is very conducive for learning and growing…I strongly recommend Mr. Gross for any of your Monarch training or consulting requirements. I believe the training he provided will have a direct and measurable effect on how our staff does their jobs.

Roy H. Leslie
Senior Vice President
Scott & Stringfellow, Inc.

For the full text of this letter please download: SSTR Letter (pdf)

National City Consumer Loan Services

...We have recently created a training department which will handle all systems, leadership and PC training classes. In order to teach the PC classes proficiently, we needed to employ a consultant to conduct a Train the Software Trainer program. This is when we met David Gross.

David quickly helped us determine our needs and the appropriate leader guides. He then conducted a 3-day Train the Software Trainer session for 6 trainers from both Brecksville and Southgate...In addition to being incredibly flexible (less than 12 hours notice to change 2 more days of class), David has a great style in his teaching. His personal warmth and humor complement his vast knowledge of PC training...

Melanie Mathies,
Manager, Training and Development

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