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Commercial Banking:

Course for Financial Analysts, Collateral Analysts and Auditors

Commercial Banking Course Features:

Work on actual data files that replicate what staff will see out in the field.

Learn the specific calculations and formulas for calculating ineligibles.

Learn specific techniques for detecting fraud at the field level.

Become familiar with different file types as well as re-reporting the data in a format acceptable for analysis.

Export out your findings to Excel, Access or other file types

Incorporating your data and your analysis requirements is an option for this course and is strongly encouraged.

Upon completion of the course staff will be able to immediately implement Monarch for their field work.

Commercial Banking Course Fees

For the on-site two day course for up to 8 people the fee is $8500.00 with an additional $30 (plus shipping) per trainee for the training manual, plus travel and lodging expenses portal to portal, all fees prepaid.

Class Curriculum

Monarch Commercial Banking Course Curriculum pdf

Accounts Receivable

  • Calculate ineligibles per Detailed and Summary AR agings
  • re-age data based on invoice or due date (calculate past dues)
  • Credits in past dues
  • Cross aging reserve
  • Foreign AR
  • Contras
  • Intercompany
  • Chargebacks
  • Partially paid invoices
  • Customer/Vendor same name or address for contra detection

Sort by customer

Top 10 reporting

Pick out transactions for a particular customer

Analyze subsidiary registers or individual transactions

Segregate different transactions (credits from invoices)

Analyze cash receipts

Convert due date to invoice date agings

Sample selection

  • Statistical
  • High dollar items
  • Round dollar items


Sort by value

Exclude or include by product codes

Exclude per sku

Refoot and re-extend values

Determine inventory values by location

Class Curriculum, cont.

Item analysis (compare inventory levels)

  • By SKU or product code

Sample selection

  • Statistical
  • High dollar items
  • Round dollar items

Accounts Payable

Sort by vendor

Top 10 reporting

Pick out transactions for a particular vendor

Convert due date to invoice date agings and vice versa


Check register -- sort by big ticket items

Find even or zero cent item

Files/Reports Incorporated

Files used in class:

  • AR detail (Trial Balance)
  • AP detail
  • Check Register
  • Inventory Report
  • Credit memo register
  • Detailed GL or extract of GL (i.e., one account)

Current and past clients of MrMonarch's Commercial Class include GE Commercial Finance, Textron Financial, Sovereign Bank, First Capital, and TD Bank.

GE Letter

"The class consisted of commercial finance auditors, staff who will be using Monarch out in the field for our Commercial Finance Division. It was imperative that upon completion of the class all participants had a clear grasp of the material. Mr. Gross was more than successful in meeting that goal."

Read the entire litter (pdf) from GE Commercial Finance.

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